Rescue Homes in Uganda

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Rescue Homes in Uganda

Help us raise funds to build and outfit 3 rescue homes, providing safety for children in the Ugandan slums.

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Rescue Homes in Uganda
by World Help
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Help us raise funds to build and outfit 3 rescue homes, providing safety for children in the Ugandan slums.

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Approximately 11 million children reside in the dirty, dangerous streets of the Ugandan slums near Kampala, Uganda. They are desperate for help and have little hope for survival. The destitute nation is consumed by poverty and has little to offer these orphaned and abandoned children. Left alone to fight for survival, their situation is desperate and urgent.

But we can intervene and save their lives . . . we can restore hope.

Watch the video to learn more about Rescue Homes.

Project Overview: Phase I, II, & III

(View full project fact sheet here)

Phase I: $25,000 – FUNDED

We’re working strategically to finish construction and outfit a third rescue home at our Baby Rescue Center near the slums of Kampala, which will provide a safe shelter and life-saving care for abandoned and orphaned children.

Ten babies will reside in this Rescue Home where they will be cared for by loving house mothers in a positive environment. These babies will be nursed back to health and receive the individual attention they desperately need.

(See Phase I’s campaign & embed widget here)
Rescue Home 3

3rd rescue home at our Baby Rescue Center in Kampala, Uganda

Rescue Homes Phase1

Phase II: $35,000 – FUNDED

Finish construction and outfit a fourth rescue home at our Baby Rescue Center

Once the fourth rescue home is fully constructed, an additional 10 babies will have a safe refuge where they will be cared for as well as a place where they can grow and develop. This home will have individual bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area to accommodate their many needs.

Rescue Home 4

4th rescue home at our Baby Rescue Center in Kampala, Uganda

(See Phase II’s campaign & embed widget here)

Rescue Homes Phase2

Phase III: $60,000 – FUNDED

Fully construct and outfit a fifth rescue home that has double the capacity

This fifth Rescue Home will be able to house double the capacity of the other homes—20 abandoned and orphaned babies will find safety and care in this home. Here, they will finally receive adequate care and love that will restore hope and help build better futures.

Rescue Homes Phase3

The funds needed will not only complete the construction of each home, but also the outfitting that will include the following:

-Finalizing the construction of each home
-Mattresses and bedding (for both the babies and house mothers)
-Mosquito nets
-Cupboards for storage

Please join with us and give toward the construction of these dorms. Your efforts will help provide a safe haven for these orphaned and abandoned children while cultivating a healthy environment for them to develop. By partnering with us to build these Rescue Homes, you will be saving lives and investing in the future generations of Uganda.


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