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When you add providing clean water to your bucket list, you choose to make an eternal difference with your life. Does your bucket list include making a difference or changing the world? Giving clean water to someone in need is one of the simplest but most effective ways you can create lasting change.

Nearly one in 10 people around the globe don’t have access to clean water.

Women and children have to walk miles to collect water from contaminated rivers and streams. And parents are forced to give their sons and daughters dirty water … water they know will make them sick.

But you can help change that. It takes just $15 to provide someone with clean water, giving him a chance at a better future. That’s something worth putting on your bucket list!

did you know you can leave a lasting legacy with water?

Ashok had lived in the impoverished Nath Mohalla community in India his entire life. And clean water had always been scarce.

Without water, he and his neighbors were forced to wear the same dirty clothes for weeks. They often fell sick from the lack of hygiene and proper sanitation.

Poverty had stripped them of resources, but the lack of clean water had robbed them of dignity. Forced to live in complete filth, Ashok began to believe he was worthless … until his life changed when a well was built in his village.

Today, Ashok’s despair has turned to joy. People in his community are healthier and happier. Since they no longer have to spend hours searching for clean water, the children have more time for school, and their parents have more time to provide for their families.

Because of someone like you, Ashok’s entire community was transformed. Hundreds of lives were changed. That’s a legacy worth celebrating!

  • My Bucket List

    There are many goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Leaving a lasting legacy is one of them.

  • did you know you can build a better future with water?

    Sajina sat nervously as her teacher walked around the classroom gathering homework. When it was her turn to pass in the assignment, she hung her head. She didn’t have it.

    She had spent that morning and the entire previous evening collecting water for her family. Sajina simply didn’t have time to complete the assignment or study.

    But she wasn’t alone. Many other children didn’t have enough time to invest in their education, either, because of how long it took to walk to the river for water. They had no time to prepare for a successful future … they were locked in a cycle of poverty.

    But when a well was built in Sajina’s village, this cycle was broken forever.

    Because of someone like you, Sajina can now build a better future for herself and her community. By helping one person through clean water, you can help change a village — and even the world!

  • My Bucket List

    There are many goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Building a better future is one of them.

  • did you know you can transform a person’s life with water?

    Could your family live on 13 gallons of water a week? That’s how much Teresa Mayanchi’s family lived on every week for 12 years.

    To put that number into perspective, a 10-minute shower usually takes no less than 20 gallons. But Teresa had to stretch 13 gallons to last her family of five for an entire week.

    With no clean water source in her remote Peruvian village, Teresa was dependent on weekly water deliveries from the city of Iquitos. She would carefully calculate how much could be used for cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing, and laundry in the week ahead.

    If her family ran out, they would have to collect contaminated water from a local creek — water that could give them life-threatening illnesses.

    But because of someone like you, Teresa’s life was transformed. Caring individuals helped provide her village with a well, so she never has to worry about running out of clean water again.

  • My Bucket List

    There are many goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Transforming someone’s life is one of them.

  • did you know you can spread the Gospel with water?

    When Ratnamani became a Christian, she and her family were banned from using the well in their strict Hindu village.

    Each day, she and the other Christians in her community were forced to walk several miles to collect water from a nearby river — the same river people used for bathing and for cleaning their cattle.

    The dirty water often made Ratnamani and her son sick. The situation was desperate … until a well was built right in front of their church.

    They finally have the clean water they need. And since the church and well are located on the main road, travelers frequently stop for water. While they drink, the church members have a chance to tell them about the Living Water.

    Because of someone like you, Ratnamani has a unique way to share God’s Word in one of the most spiritually dark regions of India. What an awesome way to spread the Gospel!

  • My Bucket List

    There are many goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Spreading the Gospel is one of them.

  • did you know you can advocate for women with water?

    In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls are customarily tasked with the daily chore of gathering water.

    As the oldest daughter in her family, 17-year-old Irene has been responsible for collecting water for her family since she was a little girl — a job that could take up to eight hours a day.

    It kept her from her studies until she fell so far behind she was forced to drop out of school. And she’s not alone. Many girls in Africa never graduate. Some can’t even read.

    Each day when Irene walked to the river, she feared for her safety. In places like northern Uganda, one-third of all women have been victims of sexual assault, many while collecting water. Irene was scared she would be next.

    But she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

    Because of someone like you, Irene has clean water in her village, just minutes from her home. She feels much safer and now has time to go back to school!

  • My Bucket List

    There are many goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Advocating for women worldwide is one of them.

  • All it takes is $15 to give one person access to clean water. Your gift will improve health and save a life.

    Why should I give clean water?

    To improve health

    Your gift will prevent someone from contracting life-threatening diseases due to dirty water.

    To support education

    Children who spend less time collecting water will spend more time in the classroom.

    To provide financial freedom

    With easy access to water, people have more time to start businesses and provide for their families.

    To give someone hope

    When you provide this urgent need, you remind someone they are loved and there is hope

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