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Thailand Learn about Pattaya & Bangkok

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India Learn about the Banchara community


A culture built on child prostitution

Deep in the heart of India, there is a low-caste tribe called the Banchara. For more than 500 years, they have practiced a tradition called Nari Mata. It means that the oldest girl in every family must begin her career as a sex worker at just 12 years old. The entire family — father, mother, and siblings — live on the income she makes as a prostitute. She is also responsible for paying her brothers’ dowries when they get married. The dowries are often so expensive that she is forced to spend her entire life paying off these debts through prostitution.

A life stolen by sexual slavery

Nari Mata is so ingrained in the cultural and economic system that it’s just like any other business. This oppressive social structure has abused, tortured, and scarred countless girls — literally for generations. And the saddest part is, these girls have no way to escape. They can’t afford an education on their own, so they’re trapped in a brutal cycle where their only option is the sex industry. But you can help one girl break free.

You can fight for her freedom

The greatest weapon of poverty is its ability to rob people of choices. But you can equip one Banchara girl with a weapon of her own: education.

Education is a priceless gift that will help her lay the foundation for a life outside of prostitution. Because of your support, a girl will have a chance to be part of a Freedom Community where she can receive an education, hear about God's love, and be protected from the lie that Nari Mata is her only option.

fight for a girl’s freedom

Banchara Proposal

A cultural expectation

In Thai culture, girls are expected to be the breadwinners for their families, especially those from rural communities. Since many are too poor to go to school, they are left with few ways to earn an income. A young woman will often endure unimaginable emotional and physical abuse as a sex worker in an attempt to win the approval of her family. She sees it as both her duty and her destiny.


One of the sex capitals of the world

It’s hard to believe that Pattaya, Thailand began as a small, quiet fishing village. During the Vietnam War, soldiers came to the city on leave to enjoy its beautiful beaches and to meet local girls — this is how the city’s reputation for sex tourism began.

Today, sex is Pattaya’s main industry. More than 30,000 girls and young women work in the sex industry every night. Most of these women are from poor, rural villages. They have been lured to the city with promises of economic opportunity and taught to believe the only way they can provide for their families is by becoming a prostitute.


A gateway of human trafficking

Thailand’s capital city is known as Southeast Asia’s gateway for human trafficking and sexual exploitation. It is home to more than 1,200 bars and brothels where women are put on display every night and literally sold to the highest bidder. There are more than 15,000 sex workers in Bangkok — some as young as 15-years-old.

These young women are constantly at risk of disease, abuse, drug dependency, malnutrition, and emotional trauma. The majority will remain uneducated, with no opportunity for a better life.

You can fight for her freedom

Once a young woman enters a life of sexual slavery, it’s difficult to escape. But you can provide her with the tools she needs to fight for her freedom — like education, spiritual guidance, and a loving environment.

Your gift gives her the opportunity to live at a Freedom Center strategically located on the doorstep of the red light district. Here, she will be safe, loved, and provided for. She will receive an education from basic school all the way up to university courses. She will even have a chance to learn the vocational skill of her choice so she can have a successful career outside of the sex industry.

For just $60, you can help one woman regain her freedom.

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