Banchara: Freedom from the sex industry

Banchara: Freedom from the sex industry

For centuries, girls from the low-caste Banchara tribe in India have been forced into the sex industry — many as young as 12 years old. The oldest daughter of each family is taught from an early age that she must become a sex worker to provide for her family’s needs and pay for her brothers’ dowries. A life characterized by STDs, physical abuse, and emotional suffering is the norm.

This 500-year-old tradition has robbed countless generation of their freedom. And the worst part is, without an education, these girls have no way of escape.

But you can give them a way out.

Your support can help one girl become part of a Freedom Community where she will have the chance to receive a quality education, hear about the love of Christ, and receive the tools she needs to live a better life.

It’s her freedom … but It’s your fight. Will you fight for one girl in India today?

• $50 provides one girl with a month of education
• $600 provides one girl with an education for one year

How You can Help

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