Our Mission

World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization that exists to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.

All around the world, millions of hurting people are waiting for help and hope to arrive . . . before it’s too late. A young child orphaned by AIDS hopes for a nutritious meal, a single family is trapped in a war zone in the Middle East, a persecuted believer suffers in a prison cell, and an entire community lacks access to clean water.

The needs are overwhelming, but the potential to reach out in love and transform a single life is tremendous. While Jesus was on earth, He practiced revolutionary compassion–the kind of love that has the power to transform and restore . . . a love that can truly change the world.

World Help was founded in 1991 out of a desire to continue this vision by partnering with people like you. Through centering our mission on bringing physical help and spiritual transformation, we believe God will do the impossible for millions of impoverished people on every corner of the world.

You can be a part of this incredible movement and make an eternal impact. There’s something unique about you–a skill, passion, or area of influence–that God can use to help make a difference that will last for eternity. You can get involved and impact a single life today.

Our Principles

What we believe in. Our guiding values, our true north. How we measure ourselves and how we make decisions.

We believe . . .

all people matter.

Knowing that Jesus’ greatest commands are to love God and love people, we are deliberate and intentional about showing love and bringing dignity to each person we serve.

that an active faith extends far beyond Sunday’s four walls.

Faith isn’t reserved for religious settings . . . it is a lifestyle to be lived out in all areas of life and work. Because of this, we work hard to keep our faith integrated into the fabric of our organization, influencing every part of what we do.

in equipping the right partners with the resources they need in order to affect sustainable transformation in people and communities.

Our in-country teams are strategically positioned to meet needs and provide valuable feedback to improve future initiatives and implement cost-effective solutions that foster growth. This support system produces viable results and allows us to continue making effective investments in impoverished communities worldwide.

in building long-term relationships with our donors that allow us to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.

Successful, healthy relationships built on mutual respect, foster a vibrant organizational atmosphere where everyone—from the youngest staff member to the oldest donor—knows they are a vital part of our mission.

in working with passion, enthusiasm, and fanatical attention to quality and detail.

The quality of our work will be measured by how effectively help and hope is delivered to people in impoverished communities. This is why we will continue to focus ourselves collectively on making every task, every assignment, and every moment count.

in always doing the right thing, total transparency, and sharing the results of the impact we make.

Trust is the thread that holds our organization together. We will never compromise our integrity to get ahead, nor cut corners for the sake of convenience. Our reputation not only says who we are, it serves as a marker for where we are going.

in accomplishing God-sized tasks that last for eternity.

By centering our mission, our energies, and our collective focus on bringing physical help and spiritual transformation, we believe God will do the impossible for millions of impoverished people around the world.

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