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4 powerful tools in the fight for freedom

  • May 23, 2017
Rachel Godwin

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The soldier checks his gear one last time as he prepares to step onto the battlefield.

He meticulously inspects each item — his uniform, body armor, weapon, ammunition, tactical instruments, first aid kit, food supply, and water. It’s all there … all 60 pounds of it.

Even though carrying all of this equipment will be difficult, he wouldn’t dream of going into battle without it. Trying to fight without the proper tools can guarantee failure.

The same is true of a girl fighting for freedom from sexual slavery.

Once a girl finds herself trapped in the strong grip of the sex industry — due to poverty, cultural pressure, or overwhelming circumstances — it’s almost impossible to escape.

She will need all the help she can get to win this fight … and that’s where you come in.

You can equip her with tools to help defeat the obstacles in her path to freedom. And you can help her deal a powerful blow in the war against the global sex industry.

Here is some of the “battle gear” you can give to a girl fighting for her freedom:

1. A safe home

Every soldier needs a good defense to protect him from attacks. Without proper body armor, he would likely succumb to the enemy’s bullets before he even had a chance to fight.

In the same way, a girl battling her way out of sexual slavery needs to be shielded against the many dangers of the red-light district. If she remains in the heart of the lifestyle she is trying to escape, she will easily be defeated and pulled back in.

In Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, and the Banchara community of India, the pressure to become — and remain — a sex worker is overwhelming. The only way a girl can truly escape this pressure is by getting away from it completely.

When you give toward freedom projects, you help provide safe homes for girls longing for a different life. They have a chance to live in a family-style environment where they are loved and protected from the negative influences in their communities.

2. Daily necessities

Food and water may not seem like the most important items to carry onto the battlefield … but in a drawn-out fight, they are absolutely necessary for survival.

The battle to escape sexual slavery is a long and hard one. Many girls who decide to leave this lifestyle soon find that they have no other way to earn a living. No matter how much they hate the sex industry, they often return simply so they can survive.

But when you help one of these girls, you provide them with healthy food, clean water, durable clothing, basic medical care, and much more.

3. Spiritual guidance

Today, each soldier in the U.S. Army is issued a small first aid kit as part of his standard equipment. It contains a tourniquet, bandages, and other supplies to help keep him moving forward even if he is wounded in battle.

Every single girl who has experienced life in the sex industry has been wounded beyond comprehension. She has been abused, exploited, and degraded … all for the pleasure of others. At times, moving forward and getting up to face another day can seem unbearable.

But God can heal all wounds.

One of the most powerful tools you can give a girl who has faced so much pain is the knowledge that Jesus loves her and He will never disappoint her. Girls in India and Thailand who come to a freedom facility searching for hope can find what they are looking for through daily Bible study, prayer, and guidance from Christian mentors.

4. Education and vocational training

As important as a strong defense and necessary supplies are, a soldier cannot accomplish his purpose — winning the battle — without a weapon.

Education is the most powerful and practical weapon you can give to a girl fighting for her freedom. It gives her a chance at a brighter future. Your gift will help one girl finish her high school education, attend college, or learn a vocational trade.

Equipped with the tools needed to start a career and provide for herself, she never again has to feel like the sex industry is her only option.

The fight to escape a life of sexual slavery is never easy. But you can help give one girl every possible advantage as she bravely battles against poverty and the cultural acceptance of prostitution in places like Thailand and India.

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