6 Ways to Use Your Gifts at World Help

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6 Ways to Use Your Gifts at World Help

Something we often say around World Help is that everyone needs to be in the right seat on the bus. And this is because we have seen the miracles happen when everyone on our team is using their God-given gifts and abilities.

The evidence seems clear: God has a plan to redeem this broken world and each of us has a unique role to play—a specific mission, should we choose to accept it. By stepping out in faith to use our gifts, we bring chaos into order resulting in restoration to a broken world.


So what are the things that come most naturally to you? How are you using them to bring hope to a world in desperate need of your unique contribution?

We believe that by providing help for today, we can open a door to share the message of eternal hope for tomorrow. This is the heart behind everything we do at World Help—every clean-water well drilled, every child sponsored, and every life impacted through our programs in impoverished communities worldwide.

And if this mission resonates with you, we’d love for you to consider becoming a part of the World Help family.


Here are 6 ways you can use your gifts to start changing lives with us.

The Encourager: You are most fulfilled when seeing others reach their potential. You often notice the unique gifts and talents in the people around you, and you seek to bring out those gifts in others through words of affirmation.

As a relationship-centered person who is passionate about fostering growth in others, a great opportunity to consider is child sponsorship. The heart of sponsorship is relationship. Through correspondence, you will have the opportunity to speak words that will admonish, uplift, and affirm your sponsored child in ways they desperately need . . . ways that can boost self-esteem, inspire spiritual growth, instill hope, and build a bridge out of poverty. Your encouragement could change a life.


The Creative: You enjoy abstract ideas and the have a vivid imagination. You find meaning in everything and often seek ways to communicate that meaning to others, which you do frequently and effectively.

As a person who is passionate about inspiring others through your creativity, you are likely to thrive as a part of our advocacy team. Consider becoming a World Help blogger or starting your own fundraising campaign. As a gifted communicator, you can utilize your social media outlets to creatively inspire others to join you in making a difference for those who desperately need it. Your ability to cast a vision is powerful. Use it to bring hope to some of the world’s darkest places.


The Servant: You enjoy working with your hands and have a knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently. While you mostly prefer to stay behind the scenes, you continually notice the needs of those around you and are often the first to meet them.

As an action-oriented individual, you are most effective when you jump in and get your hands dirty. With a passion to serve, your gifts will be best utilized by joining us on a trip to the field. Hold the hands of orphans, serve warm meals to hungry families, work alongside villagers to build their communities, and so much more. Join us on a trip of a lifetime and witness firsthand the difference you can make by showing up with a heart to serve.


The Host: Anticipating the needs of others has always come naturally to you. You thoroughly enjoy being around people and find it easy to make others feel comfortable. You are most energized when you are dreaming up creative ways to serve and entertain guests.

As someone who is comfortable in your own skin, you feel most fully alive when you are able to make others feel comfortable too. A great way to utilize your gift of hospitality is to host an event and advocate for the cause of your choice. This is a perfect excuse to enjoy a meaningful evening with likeminded individuals while raising awareness about an incredible cause. Your gift of hospitality can do far more than make your guests feel loved and appreciated . . . it can transform impoverished lives all the way across oceans.


The Leader: You quickly see ways processes can be improved and others tend to adhere to your ideas. You have a natural ability to delegate tasks out to those best suited for them, and you are known for your influential vision-casting and quick problem-solving abilities.

As someone with strong influence in your community, you are likely to make the greatest impact by designing your own fundraising campaign: choose a project that most resonates with you, develop a fundraising strategy, and recruit others to get involved. You’ll watch funds continue to increase as you engage and inform your community about a cause with infinite value. This is a great way to strengthen your community and make an eternal difference in the lives of impoverished individuals.


The Provider: You’re a person who plans ahead, and in fact, you often have your Christmas shopping done long before the season hits. You have a knack for managing finances and you consistently set aside funds to bless others.

Those with the gift of generosity make the greatest impact when they allow their careful planning and heart of compassion to collide. At World Help, there are plenty of opportunities to provide for the needs of impoverished communities. Take time to pray about where you feel lead to invest—whether through sponsorship, providing life-saving aid, investing in a clean-water system, rescuing a malnourished child, or another project—your investment is doing more than saving lives, it’s providing a glimpse into an eternal Kingdom.


When looking at the whole of brokenness in our world, our natural response is to become overwhelmed—can we really make a dent in such an immense amounts of pain and suffering? But when we look at the individual, at each broken life affected when we rise up to use our gifts, that is when we begin to overcome brokenness with wholeness, and despair with hope . . . one person at a time.Learn-More_Button[3]

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