Help a refugee survive the harsh winter

ISIS is trying to force refugees out of Iraq and Syria – especially Christians. They want to return home … but first they must survive the frigid temperatures. You can send desperately needed winter supplies to refugee camps in the Middle East.


You can be a part of this incredible movement of donors, partners, advocates, and supporters right now.

Here are three ways you can get involved today:

North Korea Bibles
Named the most hostile place on earth to live as a Christian, our North Korean brothers and sisters desperately need our help to spread the life-changing news of Jesus.

Your gift will help bring the hope of the Christ into one of the darkest places of the world.

Help Refugee Children
Refugees in Iraq are facing brutal, winter temperatures. The targeted persecution from ISIS continues … and it’s the children who are suffering most. Your gift today will provide lifesaving aid to refugee children and their families.

Aid refugee children in the middle east

Banchara Bibles
“Untouchables.” That’s what the Banchara people are referred to as part of the lowest caste system in India. This group has been enslaved by oppression and spiritual darkness for centuries.

But your gift of $5 can transform a life by furnishing a Bible to a person who has never heard of Jesus.

Sponsor A Child

We’ve seen more than 50,000 sponsorships transform children’s lives and their communities over the years.

World Help Around the World

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