A Crime Punishable by Death

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A Crime Punishable by Death

Imagine being in your home with your children when they arrive . . .

. . . The rumble of a military caravan stops outside your home, and the heavy boots of soldiers rush toward the doorway. Imagine being seized and handcuffed while your children are dragged away screaming.

Several hours later, you are pushed into an arena full of 10,000 people. They tie you to a pole with several other prisoners, bound and terrified. Some are weeping softly while others are wailing in desperation, begging for their lives to be spared.

You hear a booming voice over a loudspeaker, explaining to the astonished crowd each prisoner’s offense. Finally, your name is read along with a tirade of angry words.

Your crime? Possession of a Bible. The sentence—death! 

The crowd gasps as soldiers with machine guns take their places. Gunfire ensues. Round after round is fired until the crumpled bodies are virtually unrecognizable. Silence. The crowd is dismissed.

This scene does not come from the pages of a novel or the flashes of a movie screen. This is the astonishing reality of Christ followers who live in the desolate, fear-ruled nation of North Korea.

North Korea - Christian persecution

Chilling reports have just been released by South Korean news sources confirming that in the past several weeks, the North Korean government has publicly executed at least 80 people for minor infractions . . . including owning a Bible.

Individuals suspected of enabling or assisting in these crimes—friends, family, and even children—were sent to the notoriously cruel North Korean prison camps where they face starvation, torture, hard labor, and almost certain death. It is estimated that there are currently over 200,000 prisoners in these camps  . . . and as many as 40,000 are Christ followers.

And yet, above food . . . above clothing . . . above any other type of assistance, North Korean believers are consistently and urgently begging for more copies of the Word of God to share with their brothers and sisters. I need your help immediately to meet this crucial need.

For just $5, you can help provide a Bible to a North Korean who is willing to risk their life to own the priceless treasure of God’s Word.

  • $50 will provide 10 North Korean Bibles
  • $100 will provide 20 North Korean Bibles
  • $500 will provide enough North Korean Bibles to transform an entire community
  • $1,000 will provide North Korean Bibles to transform two communities

World Help has worked covertly in North Korea for years now, sowing seeds of hope through the strategic printing and distribution of the Bible under one of the most religiously oppressive regimes in history.

North Korea Bible distribution

It’s no coincidence that for over 2,000 years, the most outrageous attempts to extinguish Christianity have been used by God to spark miraculous growth in the Church. I believe what is happening right now in North Korea is no exception. What brutalization and fear have attempted to stamp out, God has used to kindle the fires of revival, and today, more North Koreans are open to the Gospel than ever before.

These believers will not be discouraged, dismissed, or defeated. To them, hope is the most valuable weapon they have in this horrific war being waged against them. Their hope is in the God whose love is stronger than suffering . . . hatred . . . even death. They need God’s Word.

Thousands of North Koreans are still waiting for hope to arrive. There’s no time to waste.  Whatever you can do . . . please do it today!

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