A Love That Bears Witness

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A Love That Bears Witness

The sun had yet to rise above the refugee camp and Adhem was lying awake, clutching tightly to a worn picture of her two-month-old son.

It still felt like only moments ago that security and comfort were as abundant as the air she breathed—the richest blessings she’d hardly realized were hers.

She and her husband had worked hard to make a way for themselves in a rural town just outside of Kirkuk, Iraq. After years of careful planning, arduous labor, and diligent work, they had cultivated a cattle ranch worth more than a million dollars. In the midst of political upheaval and economic instability, they had found a way to make a haven for themselves.

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Adhem had just given birth to a healthy baby boy when their sense of security began to dissipate—not even their wealth could protect them much longer. It would only be a matter of time before they were forced to choose between the refuge of their livelihood and their faith in Christ.

A paralyzing fear shot through Adhem’s body when the trucks of masked soldiers arrived on their property. Her heart felt weak and her resolve even weaker. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, she and her husband were being ushered out of their home while groups of soldiers began to pour in—their entire livelihood was now in the hands of ISIS.

Ahdem never experienced greater darkness or deeper grief than she did in the first months living as a refugee. The camp was cold, damp, and disease-ridden—conditions far too harsh for an infant to endure. Without access to even basic medical care, Adhem watched in utter helplessness as her son grew increasingly sick until his fragile body finally gave way.

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It would have been easy to allow bitterness to take root in her heart . . . to turn away from her faith and every trace of hope. And yet, somehow, in the midst of unthinkable grief, Ahdem found a way to hold on to the light inside of her . . . to the hope that the story isn’t over yet.

And surely, the story isn’t over.

For refugees like Ahdem, who’ve endured unimaginable loss at the sake of following Christ, your gestures of love are bearing witness to the eternal hope they have sacrificed everything to claim. This immense suffering of our brothers and sisters is not meaningless, there is far more to the story . . . and your love is providing tangible evidence that there is still reason for hope.

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Because of your generosity, two mobile medical clinics are now being established in Iraqi refugee camps, where thousands will now receive the medical attention they desperately need. Your love has also provided the physical help and spiritual hope to hundreds of displaced families.


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Today, Ahdem and her husband are still deeply mourning the loss of their son. But daily, they see miracles unfolding throughout the refugee camp at the hands of medical professionals just across the street from her compound. They feel God’s love in the warm blankets that cover them at night, His comfort in the heaters that warm their tent, and His provision in the meals that bring nourishment to their worn and aching bodies.

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These miracles of generosity are providing the context to believe their son’s life was not lost, but carried into an everlasting Kingdom . . . a Kingdom that becomes a little more visible with every act of love.

Thank you for surrounding our persecuted brothers and sisters with one resounding message:

The story isn’t over.

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This Valentine’s Day, let your love bear witness to the eternal hope we have in Christ. There is no better way to celebrate the love you’ve been shown than to put it into action and let it change the life of someone else. Share a powerful message of hope with someone who desperately needs it this Valentine’s Day.

Put your love on the map.

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