A Warm Meal Brings Hope to Desperate Migrants

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A Warm Meal Brings Hope to Desperate Migrants

A group of migrants stood anxiously on the shores of Turkey, looking toward the Greek island of Lesbos. The distance was only four kilometers. On a clear day, you could see the shorelines in the distance . . . but on this day, the sky was the furthest thing from clear.

Rain pelted the ground as a tiny boat pulled up to the shore, making the imminent voyage even more frightening. Somewhere beneath the thick, dark clouds in the distance there was hope for a better life . . . if only they could make it.

It was hard to imagine a life outside of debilitating fear—trust had become impossible in a place where the wrong answer would inevitably cost your life.


The trembling passengers piled into the small boat and set their faces sternly toward the shores of Greece . . . even risking their lives in the Aegean Sea was preferable to the circumstances in which they found themselves.

The 4-kilometer trek seemed eternal. The boat was tossed around like a toy in the swell of the sea. Passengers were crushed and jarred by the powerful force of the waves and eventually became overwhelmed with nausea to the point of vomiting.

When the shores of Lesbos finally began to emerge from beneath the clouds, a deep sense of relief washed over the passengers. This feeling of reprieve was an unfamiliar experience, but it was one their tired souls gladly welcomed.

Standing in line

The lines at the border were like massive swarms—it would be hours before they would be reached with aid. Huddled together as the rain kept on, the refugees glanced back at the choppy sea and drew chilling sighs of relief—somehow, they had made it.

As they waited at the back of the line, a familiar scent filled the air. They looked up to find a group of smiling faces coming straight toward them—the very last ones in line—and their hands were filled with fresh Kasseripita, a cheese pie common in Middle Eastern countries.

It was only one meal, but the comfort it provided sank deep into their souls . . . it was evident they were not alone.

Sean's family group

Today is World Food Day—a day to take action against hunger. At present, there are an estimated 15,000 migrants registered daily by the Greek government. Thousands are arriving at the Greek-Macedonia border exhausted, empty-handed, and longing for the comfort of a warm meal.

Our partners are strategically positioned at the Greek-Macedonia border to meet immediate needs of thousands of migrants upon their arrival with food, hygiene items, raincoats, gender-specific aid packages, and Arabic New Testaments.

It’s hard to imagine how one day could make a difference . . . how 24 hours could even put a dent in the intensifying migrant crisis. But the answer is simple: Because of the transformative power of hope, one day . . . one meal . . . can make an eternal difference.

On this World Food Day, we have an incredible opportunity to take action against hunger while reflecting the love of Jesus to thousands of migrants. Today, we have a chance to bring His comfort to those who are desperately longing for it.

Hope has the power to change lives even through the smallest acts of kindness—one meal in the hands of weary of migrant can make an impact that will last for eternity.


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