Abandoned: Reversing the Greatest Lie

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Abandoned: Reversing the Greatest Lie

The day he left was impossible to forget.

Lydia remembered the exact expression on his face when he looked one last time at their baby son Mark as she held him in her arms and how the evening sky cast a dim, gray shadow across his face as he opened the door to leave.

She could still feel the tightness in her chest, the numbness in her limbs, and the churning of her stomach as she tried to accept the grim reality of it all. She had no education, no trade to earn a living, and now, no husband.

Lydia never expected that abandonment would feel so much like fear.

Uganda slums - World Help

It took no time at all before her savings dwindled to nothing, and with no way to afford rent, she and her son were forced onto the streets with the few belongings she could carry. Lydia began to walk aimlessly through the streets in disbelief, the tightness in her chest finally giving way to deep, hollow sobs.

She was utterly alone.

“Can we sleep here tonight?” she asked the man standing outside the empty church building. Dusk was quickly approaching and a sharp breeze rushed between them as the man glanced down at the child in her arms.

“Stay as long as you need,” he said softly.

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The rainy months were closing in, making each night in the church seemingly endless. The cold, damp air crept in through the church walls and settled deep into their bones. It was only a matter of days before Mark’s malnourished body began to shut down. His tiny frame suddenly began to tremble and he fought just to breathe, wheezing deeply with every inhale.

Holding Mark’s feeble body in her arms, Lydia looked up in desperation at the wooden cross at the front of the church.

“Have you abandoned us too? Have you left us both to die?” she cried into the silent room.

When Lydia awoke, there were two women standing above her with concerned expressions on their faces.

“We heard your child coughing as we passed by,” they explained. “Come with us. We know someone who can help.”

The three women quickly made their way through the muddy slum streets until they reached the doorstep of the Baby Rescue Center. The medical staff recognized the severity of Mark’s condition and immediately began administering treatments for pneumonia and severe malnutrition.

Uganda Operation Baby Rescue - World Help

Tears fell unreservedly from Lydia’s eyes as she watched the medical professionals rushing to Mark’s rescue. They didn’t know him from any other child in the Katwe slums, and yet they cared deeply for his well-being. The disillusionment she’d carried since the day her husband left was shattered in only a matter of minutes. Love had become visible . . . and it was saving her son’s precious life.

You haven’t abandoned us.” Lydia whispered, turning her tear-streaked face to the sky. “You’ve come to rescue us.”


Operation Baby Rescue not only saves the lives of vulnerable children, it speaks truth into destructive lies . . . lies that only further the oppression of poverty and disease. By joining the rescue, you will not only help save and restore a life with infinite value, you will also speak truth into the life of someone who desperately needs it.

Join the rescue today and reverse the lie of abandonment by replacing it with the truth: You are deeply loved.


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