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History & Impact

World Help was born out of humble beginnings . . . with just a handful of staff members and a healthy dose of God-sized ambition.

We started our work in 1991 distributing Bibles across Eastern Europe. Almost immediately, God opened the doors for us to share the Gospel in the former Soviet Union. Through an initiative called “Moscow for Jesus,” millions of Russians heard the Good News for the very first time.

This initiative alone produced remarkable results. We were able to mail a copy of Alexander Menn’s To Be A Christian to each of Moscow’s 3 million households, a strategy that impacted over 11 million people.

Each year, our impact goals grew more audacious, leaving plenty of room for God to accomplish the miraculous. In 1996, Vision 1000 was born—a strategic initiative to build 1,000 churches in unreached areas throughout Southeast Asia by the year 2000. Then, on the precipice of the 21st century, literally as India was counting down the strokes before midnight, our thousandth church became a reality.

These early experiences opened our eyes to the overwhelming needs of millions. We saw great spiritual deficits, but we also witnessed unbelievable physical suffering: hunger, disease, and living conditions that literally took our breath away. We knew that something had to be done.

Over the years, God has enabled us to do more than we ever could have imagined through the generosity of faithful supporters and the expertise of our growing network of international partners. 

In addition to Bible distribution, church planting, and humanitarian aid, we’ve provided close to 50,000 sponsorships for abandoned and orphaned children on every corner of the globe—another visionary project that developed during our early years in Eastern Europe.

We’ve provided nearly 600 clean-water wells in impoverished communities, revolutionizing health and paving the way for educational opportunities and job creation.

We’ve constructed homes for orphans, vocational centers for former child soldiers, and medical clinics for AIDS victims.

World Help History Timeline


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72 million lives in 68 countries

Following God’s vision has opened the doors for miracles to happen. Since inception, World Help has impacted more than 72 million lives in 68 countries around the world.



World Help Countries We Work

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clean-water wells and water projects provided

humanitarian-aid$124 million

of humanitarian aid distributed


child sponsorships facilitated


children rescued from malnutrition


churches planted, providing more than 6 million people with the Gospel

bibles9.4 million

bibles provided


church buildings constructed


Homes of Hope built


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