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Need a refresher on the situation in North Korea? Click the questions below to learn more.

Why are Christians persecuted in North Korea?
North Korea’s constitution says all people have freedom of religion. But it adds that religion should not introduce foreign influences. Since Christianity is considered a Western religion, it is not tolerated and Christ-followers are severely punished as traitors to the state.
What is the official religion of North Korea?
When Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, was in power, he established a state religion called juche. It means “self-reliance” and is the belief that loyalty to country matters above all. The Kim dynasty has promoted this ideology through propaganda and threats for three generations. It is now the 10th largest religion in the world.
How many North Korean Christians are there?
In a census designed to help crack down on Christianity, the North Korean government discovered there are approximately 300,000 Christ-followers within the country’s borders. Of those, 70,000 (or nearly 25 percent) are prisoners in abusive labor camps.
Have recent peace talks improved conditions for North Korean Christians?
Both South Korea’s president and President Trump have recently met for peace talks with Kim Jong Un. But these talks have focused on issues other than human rights abuses. The situation for North Korean believers remains as dangerous as ever. Still, Christians around the world are praying these talks will open doors for improvements in the future.

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