Bibles for Christmas | Hope for Tomorrow

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Bibles for Christmas | Hope for Tomorrow

Hopelessness and turmoil cover large swatches of our world today—from the civil unrest in the Central African Republic to earthquake-shattered communities in Nepal to the largest recorded refugee crisis in the Middle East.

We live in a world that desperately needs the comfort of Christ. That’s why, along with meeting physical needs, providing access to the Word of God is foundational to the work we do.

Bibles for Iraq - World Help

And this Christmas, we invite you to share the sustaining promises of Christ in war-torn Iraq. Right now, millions of displaced Iraqis are wondering what tomorrow holds for them. They have lost loved ones, livelihoods, and any plans for the future.

Day after day, they wait to return home. In addition to critical support and relief, they need to hear that God loves them and cares about their futures.

“We never thought of the need for having our own Bible, but now it became more important than bread!” one Iraqi refugee woman told us after she received her copy of an Arabic Bible.

Iraq Bible Distribution - World Help

Bibles are desperately needed within these refugee communities. Please consider sharing the joy, comfort, and peace of God’s Word this Christmas. It’s an investment that will outlive you and last for eternity.

Bibles for the Middle East

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