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Provide a Bible to someone
who has never owned one

Provide God’s Word

The Bible is a precious gift. It reveals God’s plan for salvation to rescue and renew a lost world filled with darkness. But many people live in Bible deserts, places where Bibles are scarce or illegal. Often, these people have never seen a Bible, much less owned one themselves.

Your $30 gift will send 3 people their very first Bible.

How you can get involved: Give Bibles today

Many people around the world have no idea that Jesus came to bring them new life. When you give Bibles, you meet a tangible need and offer eternal hope. You send the message of God’s love into Bible deserts, showing people they are important to Him.

Click one of the options below to send God’s Word to someone who has never owned a Bible.

Make a one-time gift

Send Bibles to unreached people, persecuted Christians, or struggling refugees. You can choose where you would like to send Bibles today and help spread the Gospel around the world.

Make a monthly gift

Can’t decide where to send Bibles? Join Bibles for All, & we’ll ensure your gift of Bibles reaches those who need them most. In a year, you can reach more than 300 people with God’s Word.

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