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Burundi believers crave a Bible of their own

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 21, 2018

His hand cramped as he copied the lengthy passage of Scripture onto a blank page.

This believer — whom I’ll call David — borrowed his friend’s Bible in order to transcribe the verses word-for-word.

David flexed and relaxed his hand a couple of times before he continued. He would be teaching on this passage in this week’s Bible study. It was vital that he write the verses down since neither he nor anyone in the study group owned a copy of God’s Word.

When he finally finished, David handed the Bible back to his friend. As soon as the cover left David’s fingers, he longed to have a copy of his own.

David lives in Burundi — one of the poorest nations in the world. For the average person, buying a Bible would cost a month’s salary.

Like many believers in the country, David can’t afford a personal copy of the Word of Life. However, this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing greater knowledge of Jesus Christ. But, as a devoted Christian, what David desires most is owning a Bible.

And that’s what you can accomplish when you help provide Bibles for All. You can give someone like David the one gift he has been waiting to receive: a copy of God’s Word. In fact, you’ll provide five people with Bibles each month — and you will receive monthly updates about individuals who received their first copy of Scripture.

Thanks to generous donors, one Burundi evangelist has already received his own Bible. Before, he had to borrow the Scriptures from his neighbor in order to go preach to his congregation.

“Those who got the Bible are thankful and happy,” Pastor Philemon, our partner in Burundi said. “They determine to use it properly for personal study and [to] study in groups.”

But many other Christians in Burundi and around the world are still waiting.

“Our local churches mostly suffer to teach their people because of lack of the Bible,” Pastor Philemon said. And people in North Korea, Uganda, India, Guatemala, and many other Bible deserts need God’s Word, too.

For Christians like David living in a Bible desert, there’s nothing they want more than to hold a Bible in their hands and know that it’s theirs. You can give them that.

When you become part of Bibles for All, you will send five copies of God’s Word to Bible deserts each month. And since these Bibles are often shared, each one will reach at least five people — meaning you can impact 25 people with Scripture every month.

You’ll be giving them the chance to read the Gospel whenever they want. They’ll be able to cherish the words on the page and dive deeper into God’s promises for His people.

The Word of God is critical to the Christian faith. It pulls us closer in our relationship to Jesus Christ. And, today, you can give a fellow brother or sister in Christ the best gift of all.

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