change the present: rebuild education

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change the present: rebuild education

Change the Present - Bhil CommunitiesThis morning, millions of children around the world woke up early to get ready for school. They dressed in their uniforms, ate breakfast, and finished last-minute homework assignments before dashing out the door.

However, in central India, the morning routine is very different.

Bhil children in Khadkua have already been up for hours, walking miles to haul water for their families—that same dirty water that constantly makes them sick, day after day. Because of this, most of the children here will never have the chance to go to school.

But 34-year-old Ramesh hopes his six children will be able to break the cycle. Although he barely makes $2 a day as a farmer, Ramesh puts the future of his family first, using all he earns to send his children to school. This leaves next to nothing for food, medical expenses, and other basic necessities; Ramesh also knows his family won’t be able to survive if his crops do not produce this season.

Rain is scarce in this region. And without a source of water nearby, Ramesh needs the help of his whole family to fetch water. No water means no food. And Ramesh constantly faces a heartbreaking decision: to let his family starve by keeping his children in school or forfeiting their future in order to survive the day.

This Christmas, we can help Change the Present for Ramesh and other families in Khadkua who lack access to clean water.

By setting up your own personal fundraising page, giving a simple gift, and using your social networks to help spread the word, we can help Bhil children put down their water jars, and pick up their backpacks. It’s that simple. And with Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start.

As one of the most effective outlets from poverty, education represents more than books, recess, and homework . . . it means a future full of opportunity. It means better jobs. It means a stable income and the chance to save for tomorrow. It means an escape from poverty. And it all starts with clean water.

Out of the nearly 70 million boys and girls who lack access to education, more than a fourth of them live in south Asia—just think of the difference we can make!

Clean water makes education possible . . . and together, we can be a part of impacting the entire Bhil community with this priceless gift.

Let’s begin with Ramesh’s family.

Change the Present


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