Child Sponsorship: A True Inspiration

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Child Sponsorship: A True Inspiration

This week, someone asked me to describe one thing that inspires me. I had a few moments to think about the question before answering, and my immediate thought was sponsored children around the world and their sponsors.

I thought about all the stories I’ve heard in World Help staff meetings, through blogs, as well as firsthand stories of the incredible difference sponsorship makes in a child’s life, the impact it has on a sponsor . . . and especially stories of when sponsors and sponsored children finally meet for the first time face to face . . . it is all of these stories and the children impacted that are so inspiring.

Sponsor a Child in Nepal - World Help

Coming from so many different backgrounds, from impoverished villages in India to the mountainous regions of Guatemala, each of the children in our sponsorship programs has a unique story of hope to share. Each boy and girl is a living testimony of the work of the Lord throughout the world and the impact each of our sponsors has in their lives. All of their stories of hope are inspiring as each child has a unique purpose.

Here’s just one of thousands of stories of hope, specifically Pradeep’s story and how sponsorship impacted his life:

When Pradeep was just a young boy, he lived with his parents in impoverished conditions. His father wanted a better life for his son, so he brought him to Grace Children’s Home in Nepal to receive the care and education he needed. Coming from a Hindu family, Pradeep’s family wanted him to be part of this children’s home but didn’t want him to forget the religion followed by his family.

Nepal - Child Sponsorship

During his time at Grace Home, not only did Pradeep have his basic needs met and receive an education, he also had the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. “God had a perfect plan in my life and I got a chance to accept Christ as my personal Savior while I was at Grace Home,” Pradeep said. He not only made a decision to follow Christ, but he began praying for his family and even had the opportunity to share the Gospel with them when he traveled home for the holidays. God answered Pradeep’s prayers and used him to reach his entire family for Christ! What an incredible testimony of how God works through the lives of children to accomplish great things.

Sponsorship made a difference in Pradeep’s life . . . and an even greater impact as Pradeep was accepted into college after graduation and received a scholarship, enabling him to pursue his studies in electrical engineering. Pradeep shared that he is so grateful for the love and support he received from his sponsor who helped him financially and will always be with him in his prayers . . . sponsorship made a radical impact on his life!

Pradeep - World Help Child SponsorshipPradeep today

The investment of one sponsor can make an incredible difference in the life of a child. It’s truly inspiring to hear stories like Pradeep’s and I know there are thousands more just like his . . . stories of accomplishment, hope, salvation, and love. These stories inspire me to think of the lives impacted and remember about all the ways sponsorship is making a difference around the world.

How does sponsorship inspire you?

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