Child Sponsorship and the Gift of Clean Water

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Child Sponsorship and the Gift of Clean Water

Seventeen-year-old Lalvarlawm’s life has been filled with tragedy, like many other boys his age living in India. His mother tragically died while giving birth, so he never knew her. Even his time with his father ended way too soon when he passed away due to heart failure, leaving Lalvarlawm’s elderly grandmother as the only family left to care for him. Earning only minimal wages, she knew she could never provide the life her grandson deserved. She took him to Gilgal Children’s Home in hopes that he would have greater opportunities and a bright future.


Michael is only five years old. When he was just a baby, his father was the victim of a devastating work accident that left his widowed wife the sole provider for their son’s many needs. Desperate and unable to afford even the most basic necessities, much less an education on her meager and inconsistent wages, Michael was taken to the children’s home where he would receive the opportunities to build a better life for himself.


These are just two stories of the 300 children living at Gilgal Children’s Home and 500 village children attending their school. Our partners at Gilgal are providing quality education and a safe refuge to orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children in India. They live in a nurturing environment where their most basic needs are met, and receive the greatest opportunities to gain a quality education preparing them for brighter futures.

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While they are devoted to providing for these children and offering them opportunities they would not otherwise have, they have consistently struggled with providing them with one of life’s most basic necessities: clean water. The home offers so much, but without a clean-water source, the children were continuously falling victim to the effects of dirty water carrying waterborne diseases. Each year, 860,000 children under the age of five die due to water-related illness, and Gilgal was facing this tragic reality without consistent access to clean water.

Their clinic was often full of children suffering from preventable illnesses due to the dirty water they were forced to drink. Attendance at school was decreasing, making it increasingly more difficult for these children to break away from the cycle of poverty they were born into.

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But today, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, two clean-water wells have been constructed on the campus of Gilgal Children’s Home. The children no longer have to fear the negative effects from the water, and our partners can promote better health and hygiene among all the children.

“Before we had these wells on our campus, many of us would fall sick because of drinking contaminated water,” Lalvarlawm said. “But thanks to these new wells, we are provided with pure water to drink throughout the year.”

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Thienneithang is a teenage boy living at Gilgal Children’s Home. He is very athletic and would frequently play various sports with his friends after school. However, when they would grow tired and thirsty, the only water the school had to offer was dirty tap water.

“Sports have become so much more fun now that I no longer worry about the water. We are now provided with very clean water. It’s amazing to see what a change this has made in our lives.” Thienneithang said.

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Needless to say, access to clean water has given the children at Gilgal even greater hope and opportunity for a better way of life. Today, they have a sufficient amount of clean water to provide the children on a daily basis, to establish better hygiene, and even enough water to properly irrigate their small gardens where they grow crops to feed the children year-round.

Clean water has truly transformed this campus and provided a healthier lifestyle for hundreds of children. With World Water Day less than a week away, now is the perfect time to invest in children through the gift of clean water.

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