Children of the World: Celebrating an Incredible Year

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Children of the World: Celebrating an Incredible Year

World Help staff members filed outside on Friday morning, eagerly awaiting a busload of familiar, smiling faces for the last time this year—our passionate advocates and very own heroes—Children of the World.

It was a bittersweet morning. . . a time of celebration for one amazing year—filled with songs, delicious food, meaningful gifts, giant bear hugs, and tearful goodbyes.

Photo May 01, 6 10 16 AM

“Because of you, 750 children were sponsored this year,” World Help President Vernon Brewer told the children as they beamed with excitement.

Throughout the tour, the choir celebrated together with every child sponsored, and were overjoyed to learn that because of their passionate advocacy, 750 lives would be changed forever.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a full year since the Children of the World set out on the road for the 2014-15 Rescue Tour. It’s been a fast, yet wonderful 10 months, packed with exciting experiences, meaningful friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime!

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Check out all the places the choir had the honor of visiting this year!

The choir made their trek from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east, to the Red Rock Canyon in the west, wide-eyed and eager to absorb every minute of the adventure. The teachable spirits of this incredible group of children made their 10-month journey one that will shape their lives for years to come.

Here’s what a few of the children had to say about their time in the states.

Photo May 01, 6 04 28 AMDavid, age 8 from Honduras

Favorite food: I love salad

Favorite places you’ve seen: I like Alabama cause they have so many dandelions.

Favorite state: Alabama

Favorite activity: I like soccer and building giant star wars.

How have you changed? I have been with you and a lot of people and you teach me English and how to dance.

What have you learned about Jesus? Before I didn’t really know Jesus and now I have learned to love him. I learned about his prayers. Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Photo May 01, 6 00 35 AMRadhika, age 10 from Nepal

Favorite food: Cucumbers!

Favorite places you’ve seen: World Help. They are trying to get many sponsors and helping the other countries.

Favorite state: Florida, because it is so warm.

Favorite activity: Meeting new people it does not matter if they are old or young, any kind.

How have you changed? I have learned from here more about God.

What have you learned about Jesus? Back home I learned about God but here I learned more. I learned about how Jesus loves me and died for me on the cross.

Photo May 01, 6 03 19 AMJacklyn, age 9 from Uganda 

Favorite food: Rice, Chicken and Pizza

Favorite places you’ve seen: Florida and Georgia. Georgia we got to ride rollercoaster and in Florida we go to Disneyworld.

Favorite state: California, Georgia, and Florida

Favorite activity: I want to sing and dance.

How have you changed? I learned even more English and I learned to try new foods.

What have you learned about Jesus? I learned to worship Him in song and dance.

Photo May 01, 6 01 24 AM Ramzel, age 9 from the Philippines

Favorite Food: Sausage and spaghetti and boiled eggs and bacon.

Favorite places you’ve seen: Going hiking with Uncle Craig and Auntie Robin in WA.

Favorite state: Florida because I got to play with Legos

Favorite activity: playing Legos. I build swimming pools and houses.

How have you changed? I learned English and how to swim and biking.

What have you learned about Jesus? I learned about singing for Jesus.

cotw1Bianca had the chance to meet her sponsor family this year—an experience she’ll never forget!

“We promise that we will never ever forget you . . . we’ll always be here for you,” Brewer continued. “And we want you to promise us that you’ll never forget what you learned here, that you’ll work hard in school, and you’ll always keep Jesus first in your hearts.”

Each of the children sincerely nodded their heads in agreement, as tears rolled down their faces. Surely, it’s been a year that has changed the course of their lives.


While it’s never easy to say goodbye, each of these children are taking with them a deeper understanding of the love of God, stronger self-confidence, and greater ambition to succeed . . . and much of that is because of you.

Thank you for welcoming these children into your homes with open arms, and for being such a clear reflection of God’s love. Your passionate support will cause ripple effects for years to come.

Thank you for making this year such an incredible one.

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