Children of the World | Coming to a Town Near You!

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Children of the World | Coming to a Town Near You!

The World Help office was filled with the sounds of song and laughter throughout the month of August, due to one of the happiest, most joyful group of children we’ve had the honor of getting to know . . . the 2015-2016 Children of the World Choir!

In late July, the children arrived from Honduras, Uganda, Nepal, and the Philippines filled with anticipation for an incredible year that will change the course of their lives.

Only a few days after their arrival in Lynchburg, the team began to transition from strangers to family. Despite their cultural differences, singing and dancing together each day and sharing team devotions at night caused genuine friendships to quickly emerge.

Children of the World1

“Their English is coming along nicely which allows for more giggles and chatting during play time and meals,” Team Leader Joanna Studley said. “Bonding together as a small family and having devotions together every night really brought us all together.”

After weeks of training and building up of excitement, the children were eager to hit the road and share their worship songs with the country. But they weren’t quite prepared for just how exciting the journey would be . . .

On September 9, the choir sang their hearts out in front of thousands at Liberty University’s convocation. Despite the butterflies in their tummies, the children received joyous uproars of applause all throughout their performance, which brought giant smiles to each of their faces.

Although they may have been a little shy at first, the choir left the stage eager to do it all over again. It’s safe to say the 2015-16 Rescue Tour is off to an exciting start!

Children of the World2

To celebrate the start of their journey, the choir and the entire World Help staff enjoyed a sunny afternoon outside with a delicious barbecue lunch, exciting rounds of musical chairs, and a drenching water-balloon toss!


Children of the World4

Children of the World5

Although many of the staff returned to work a little soaked when the inevitable water-balloon fight erupted, it made for an incredible memory for the choir and the whole World Help family!

Children of the World6

“The children are eager to begin traveling and singing in front of everyone . . . they know that when they are on the stage, they are singing to the King of Kings, which is a beautiful thing!” Joanna said.

You can find out when the choir will be coming near you by viewing their online schedule! But don’t worry—if you don’t see a concert nearby, you can request a concert at your home church by filling out this form.

Children of the World 7

We’re excited for all that God has in store for this incredible group of children this year. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for regular updates throughout the journey!

We’re looking forward to meeting you on tour!

—The Children of the World Team

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