Children of the World Venture Out West

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Children of the World Venture Out West

It’s been an exciting spring season for Children of the World choir members as they packed up and headed out west. The children were glowing with excitement as visions of “real-life cowboys” and the “Wild West” flashed through their minds.

The children soaked in every detail of the changing landscapes as they journeyed across the country. While the mountains slowly changed to painted deserts, these observant children were eager to learn as much as they could along the way.

It’s certainly been a season of new experiences for this crew—breathtaking views, hikes through the desert, and even unexpected snowstorms. But perhaps the greatest adventure has been making new friends in host homes and churches all across the country.

Here are a few highlights from their journey!

IMG_5195Playing in the snow in New Mexico was a thrilling, first-time experience for many of the children. And enjoying it together as a team made it even better!

IMG_5176A day in the snow is never complete until a snow fight breaks out!

IMG_5144For this curious bunch, visiting museums is a very special treat. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, the team had a chance to put their canoeing skills to the test at a local children’s museum.

IMG_5155Celebrating one another is a very special part of the children’s experience on tour. Jacklyn was showered with love by her teammates on her 10th birthday, and this giant smile never left her face.

IMG_5256Traveling the country has been an enriching experience for the children, especially while witnessing the breathtaking views on Route 66.

IMG_5231The team made a special stop to greet a few dinosaurs along Route 66.

IMG_5233But safety first, of course.

IMG_5352The team couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to hike through Red Rock Canyon.

IMG_5357Even though there were no cowboy sightings during their hike, the children had a great time exploring the canyon and taking in the amazing views.

As we watch these children grow in many ways, we are continually reminded how your hospitality, encouragement, prayers, and support are helping shape their young lives.

Thank you for following along on our journey and, more importantly, for investing in these children as they advocate for the needs of disadvantaged children and impoverished communities around the world.

Your support means everything.

—The Children of the World Team

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