Children of the World: From the Road

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Children of the World: From the Road

Our Children of the World team has been busy these past several weeks!

New Christmas Songs

One of the most memorable milestones in the children’s touring experience is the celebration of Thanksgiving. Most have never experienced the pageantry of turkey dinner or even the idea of an entire day set aside to give thanks.

Travel time

This year, the team spent their Thanksgiving surrounded by friends in Dalton, Ohio. It was heartwarming for our leaders and hosts to see the children’s faces light up when the turkey was served and to hear laughter and tour memories shared around the table.



The children also enjoyed playing games, relaxing, and learning new songs together. The highlight of the weekend came when a few tiny snowflakes began falling from the sky. Wide-eyed with wonder, each child watched, noses pressed against the window, as a blanket of white snow covered the landscape.

First Snow

Most of them had never seen snow before in their lives. Many happy hours were spent making snowmen, playing tag, and dodging snowballs. It was magical!


Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our children as they approach the last few weeks of concerts in 2013. Please continue to pray for health, safety, and for God to use the team to inspire the hearts of many.


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Wishing you and your family warmth and joy this Christmas season.

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