Clean Water in Guatemala

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Clean Water in Guatemala

Bringing Help and Hope to Special-Needs Children

Every day, millions of Americans step into their shower to turn the knob and watch clear, pure water flow from the showerhead. We take a glass from the cabinet and fill it with clean, refreshing water. It’s an effortless action . . . a daily routine . . . a luxury we often take for granted. But around the world, finding a clean-water source is near impossible and affects every aspect of life for those living in impoverished villages.

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For children living in Guatemala, their water source is often filled with mud, dirt, and sewage. Anything that involves water is another risk for disease and parasites for every child and adult. One in five deaths in children under the age of 14 can be linked to the effects of contaminated water and inadequate hygiene. This is the reality that our partners and children at Kelly’s House faced.

Kelly’s House is a home for special-needs children in Guatemala, funded by our faithful supporters David and Carol Loveland , in honor of their beloved daughter Kelly who passed away from cancer. This home provides specialized medical care and therapy for boys and girls facing the difficulties of various physical and mental handicaps. Here, they can learn essential basic motor skills, simple hygiene such as washing hands and brushing teeth, as well as receive a valuable education in a nurturing environment.

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This home is a refuge for neglected and abandoned children, but our partners were still in dire need of a clean-water source. Without this resource, it was difficult to maintain sanitary conditions, especially in the summer months when their water source was depleted. But today, they now have a clean-water well on their campus, which is empowering their ministry to do so much more.

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With the construction of this well, the fear of sickness from contaminated water no longer plagues those working and living in this house. Our partners can continue to provide safe, quality care to these precious children.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new well is our partner’s ability to utilize their pool for physical therapy. Because of low-water levels, this therapeutic pool remained empty and dry. Now, the pool is filled with clean water from their well, and the children with physical needs have the ability to grow stronger each day through water therapy—without the risk of sickness. It is amazing to see how the provision of this well is making a tangible difference in the lives of these children with special needs.

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This year, we are inspired to go even deeper, and we want you to be a part of it! We encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can . . . you can be the difference for an entire community.  Wherever you find yourself today, we hope you will go deeper with us in providing the impoverished communities around the world with access to clean water.

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