Clean Water: The Answer to a Bold Girl’s Prayer

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Clean Water: The Answer to a Bold Girl’s Prayer

The rural, arid village of Ex Petroleros, Peru, houses nearly 800 people, all living in extreme poverty. With little to no access to many basic necessities, they have been in dire need of clean water for years. Their only source of water is polluted with sewage and dirt, which is the main cause of water-related illnesses and malnutrition.

Many children suffer from these preventable sicknesses, but without access to clean water, proper sanitation conditions are nonexistent for the villagers.

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Globally, one child will die every 20 seconds from poor sanitation conditions, ultimately due to the lack of clean water. Why should children, mothers, and fathers have to make a daily, treacherous journey to a distant water source that is filthy and contaminated? Why should they have to risk their lives by drinking the very resource that is a necessity for life? It’s all they have!

But it doesn’t have to be.

Amilia is a 16-year-old girl living in Ex Petroleros where they have minimal access to water. She has the daunting task of fetching water for her family on a daily basis. With every step of her bare and calloused feet, she spends time asking the Lord for help until she finally reaches her destination—a muddy river overrun with mosquitos and sewage.

One day, as Amilia was filling her jerry cans with mucky water to take home to her family, she prayed that the Lord would provide clean water closer to her home so her family and the other people in her village would no longer suffer.

God answered Amilia’s prayers! Through the generosity and support of our many partners, the people of Ex Petroleros will no longer suffer from the devastating effects of contaminated water. Three wells have now been constructed in this community, strategically placed to reach each area of the village.

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Clean water has not only met a tangible need for the people in this village, but it has given them hope for years to come. Mothers no longer have to worry about losing their children to the wrath of unclean water. Sickness doesn’t run rampant through the village. And children no longer have to travel long distances to gather water. They can rejoice as they draw fresh water from nearby wells, knowing that it will be free of dirt and sewage.

Now, each time Amilia collects water from the well, she is reminded of God’s goodness and provision over her life and the lives of the people in her village.

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Zoila is another resident of Ex Petroleros whose life has been transformed by clean water. Enduring the tragedy of losing her husband to a water-related illness, she was left alone to care for her family. For years, she tirelessly collected water from local creeks for her family, but when the summer came, the creeks became dry and she had to dig holes in an effort to find even the smallest drops of water. The burden of caring for her children became so heavy, and the water they needed to survive just wasn’t to be found. Any day now, she or her children could become the next victim to the dirty water they were drinking.

Zoila had no idea that help was on the way.

When the wells were constructed in her village, one only 10 meters from her home, not only were her basic physical needs met, but she also had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. The provision of this clean-water well revealed a new type of hope and ultimately led to her faith in Christ.

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Our hope is that Amilia and Zoila’s stories will inspire you to join us in making a difference in more lives and villages around the world. With an estimated one in eight people around the world who lack access to a clean and viable water source, you can choose to make a difference today.

We challenge you to go deeper this year and continue to believe in the cause for clean water. This special gift not only changes lives on a physical level, but it has the power to make an eternal difference.

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