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Combat Human Trafficking Through Child Sponsorship

  • August 18, 2016
Mandi Corbett

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Diksha knows what it means to be vulnerable.

Born into the lowest caste in central India—the Banchara community—she quickly learned she was among those regarded as unclean, untouchable, unfit for society, but perhaps worst of all . . . as nothing.

And where extreme poverty, a lack of education, and unemployment abound, the weak are rarely safe.

Countless women in the Diksha’s community have been forced into the commercial sex industry as a means of earning income for their families . . . including her own mother. The emotional pain and perpetual instability this ushered into her daily life became so familiar they were nearly invisible. 

In Diksha’s mind, it was normal life . . . the only means for her family to survive.


And sadly, this is the case for many young girls in this community. Without the opportunity to attend school, these girls are unable to learn their rights and true value, thus perpetuating the dehumanizing cycle.

However, one thing is certain: A girl doesn’t have to know her rights to feel the weight of shame a life in the sex industry brings—and for many, this shame remains impossible to escape.

But in the midst of this overwhelming darkness, a children’s home in India is giving light to the truth.

This children’s home in central India has become a safe haven for more than 50 young girls from the Banchara community, shielding them from unsafe home environments while teaching vital skills to earn a living outside the sex trade, and most importantly, showing them their true worth as children of God.


Through sponsorship, Diksha was given the opportunity to move away from an unstable life into a loving and supportive community.

Today, Diksha is learning what it means to feel safe.

Finally in a stable environment, she is discovering that she is capable of accomplishing far more than she’d ever dreamed, and she is beginning to comprehend that regardless of her caste, she is a beloved daughter of God.

This is how oppressive ideologies lose their power . . . one relationship at a time.

In a society that strips entire people groups of of their dignity, sponsorship is giving it back.

The opposite of exploitation is investment. Today, you can choose to invest in the life of a child living where evil ideologies aim to destroy. 


You can be the one to teach a young girl that true worth is given to her by God and not determined by the caste she is born into.

You can provide Diksha the education necessary to understand her rights, potential, and innate value.

In a dark and deeply broken community ridden with shame and fear, you can be a voice of love, encouragement, and truth.

For just over a $1 a day, you can be the one to provide freedom today.


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