Cuba is Ready for Transformation

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Cuba is Ready for Transformation

The changes taking place in Cuba indicate a historic shift in our ability to take the Word of God to the Cuban people. Our chance to reach Cuba with the Gospel is greater than ever before.

Most Cuban believers don’t even own their own copy of God’s Word. Of the 11 million people that populate the island, less than 3 percent will have the opportunity to read a copy of the Bible for themselves. This is a tragedy! 

It is not uncommon in house churches for a single copy of the Bible to be shared between five people or more.

Cuba for Christ - World Help

World Help’s work in Cuba has spanned two decades, driven by the mission of spreading the Word of God with those who have never heard it before. After years of pain-staking investment—planting over 1,800 churches, training hundreds of pastors, distributing Bibles, and investing in strategic outreaches—Cuba’s spiritual harvest is finally here. And just like the harvest, there is only a short window of opportunity available to reap its rewards.

Multitudes are coming to Christ and being baptized. House churches are springing up in little townships across the nation. Every time I travel there, I’m astounded by the eagerness of the Cuban people to know God—they are hungrier for the Gospel than ever before, and the American church cannot ignore it!

Cuba is on the threshold of spiritual transformation. It has been estimated that 100,000 Cubans come to Christ every year. Churches are growing at an amazing pace but lack the most essential tool to help new believers grow in their faith—the Word of God.

Revival in Cuba - World Help

We must ensure that the Word of God—the most powerful tool available—is in the hands of those who will help reap the harvest that has taken years of sacrifice to cultivate.

Today, I’m asking for your help to provide thousands of Spanish Bibles for Christ followers in Cuba for just $5 per copy. Just think of the impact you could have!

We have the incredible chance to invest in the future of Christianity like never before.

At a recent dedication of a World Help church plant near Havana, a woman from the community came forward and received her very first copy of God’s Word. It was a gift that made a visible impact on her . . . and she was in tears as she shared this testimony with her new church family:

I recently came to know Christ and have been amazed by the work He is doing in my life. But I still have so much farther to go. I grew discouraged because I didn’t have my own copy of the Bible. I love to read and longed to be able to see the words for myself. I’ve been praying that God would encourage me in some way, since I don’t have a copy of my own. When I received a Bible at the beginning of the service tonight, it was as if God himself was reaching down, confirming to me that I am on the right path and that He is with me.

Bibles for Cuba - World Help

There are thousands of discouraged believers who are waiting . . . waiting and praying earnestly at this very moment for their own copy of God’s Word . . . for confirmation . . . for encouragement . . . for hope.

I pray that today, you’ll join us to bring in the harvest. It’s a harvest of miracles . . . a harvest that is plentiful . . . a harvest that demands our obedience to become its workers and gatherers, to equip and empower a new generation of Christ followers.


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