Day of Peace: 24 Hours Could Change Everything

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Day of Peace: 24 Hours Could Change Everything

Our team in Greece arose early in the morning and began assembling hundreds of gender-specific relief packages for migrants at the Greece-Macedonia border—food, water, medicine, hygiene items, rain ponchos, blankets, and New Testaments.

They journeyed to the border and set up a distribution station when a man named Mohammed approached them.

“What has brought you all this way to help?” he asked.

Europe migrant crisis

Thankful for the opportunity to share, our partners explained they are Christ followers who want to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus to those who are suffering.

Mohammed’s eyes began to fill with hope at the realization that these Christians cared deeply for marginalized people—refugees . . . migrants . . . Muslims.

The love he saw was undeniable. Mohammed gladly took a copy of a New Testament in his hands.

“This is a Holy Book,” he said.

– – –

Today is the International Day of Peace—a day to set aside our differences and pursue wholeness in a broken world.

walking over the rails from one station to the next

At this very moment, millions around the world are choosing to silence voices of division and instead demonstrate love. Just imagine the impact these 24 hours can have around the world!

As Christ followers, we know that true peace is not something man can accomplish alone; it is a gift from God. And today, we have an opportunity to share this gift of peace with those who desperately need it.

At present, there are an estimated 60 million people that have been forcibly displaced around the world. Many have risked everything to make the treacherous voyage to Europe, fully aware that they’re taking their lives into their own hands. But dreams of a better life are far more powerful than fear . . . even the fear of death.

Thousands are arriving on the shores of Greece daily. Many collapse to the ground soon after arriving—exhausted, famished . . . unable to push themselves a second longer.

It is at this moment we have the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ . . . to lift the heads of those who’ve suffered more than we can imagine.

Father & Daughter Erbil

An Iraqi father and daughter who escaped from the unfolding crisis in their homeland had nearly come to the end of themselves when our partners handed them relief kits. Immediately, tears of gratitude filled the father’s eyes—it was the first glimmer of hope he’d seen in far too long.

He was a father of five. ISIS had murdered one of his sons, and three others were still missing. He and his daughter had made the dangerous journey together with heavy, grief-stricken hearts. But the love they were shown at the Greece-Macedonia border gave them reason to hope again.

The man held his aid kit and New Testament tightly in his hands. Our partners assured him they would share his story . . . that there would be people across the world praying for his family.

Thank you,” he said with deep sincerity.

 – – –

Will you take a moment on this International Day of Peace and ask God to bring His peace to the millions of displaced people around the world?

New tents built by UN

Will join us in reaching as many we can with tangible help and evidence of God’s love?

Today, may we join together in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”



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