Defeating ISIS With the Word of God

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Defeating ISIS With the Word of God

Only days ago, I was in the crumbling nation of Iraq, where our World Help emergency teams are working tirelessly to serve persecuted Christians who have barely escaped the clutches of ISIS.

Refugee relief in Iraq - World Help

The scope of the evil that has swept through this place is truly unimaginable. Our brothers and sisters are suffering and dying every single day in the name of Jesus Christ. While World Help remains strongly committed to providing life-saving relief in the form of humanitarian aid, we know that without the Gospel, the Christian community here will struggle to flourish.

My team and I met Safaa while in Iraq. He and his family are Christians from Mosul. When ISIS soldiers arrived, they were told to convert or face imminent death.

Safaa gathered his family—a wife, three sons, and a daughter—and ran, leaving behind his home, his inheritance, and everything else he owned. Now they live in an abandoned building with 85 other families.

World Help in Iraq

Despite their unimaginable circumstances, Safaa and other believers in the building meet on the bottom floor each week for worship services—singing songs, sharing scripture, and encouraging one another in the Lord.

Safaa’s last words to us have become a symbol of God’s continued presence in Iraq among believers:

Throughout this hardship, my hope is in God. Please pray for Iraq—not just refugees, but everyone. The Bible teaches us to pray for our enemies, that is what we do today.

Despite threats of torture, imprisonment, and even death, do you know what these courageous believers continually beg our partners to provide? Not guns. Not safety and stability for their families. Not a plane ticket out of the country. They want access to their own copies of God’s Word.

Bibles for Iraq - World Help

Just as they have begged, I am begging you today to help me send as many copies of the Gospel as possible to the frontlines of the crisis and into the hands of our suffering brothers and sisters. Through sharing and redistribution, every dollar you give translates to a life touched by the hope of God’s Word.

  • $5,000 impacts 5,000 refugees with the Gospel
  • $1,000 impacts 1,000 refugees with the Gospel
  • $500 impacts 500 refugees with the Gospel
  • $250 impacts 250 refugees with the Gospel

ISIS wants these people wiped out. They want to discourage them . . . to humiliate them . . . to silence the God they proclaim. So what’s the most practical way to fight the advancement of ISIS? We must unite together to relentlessly preserve and encourage the very people they aim to destroy.

I believe God’s hand of redemption is sweeping through the Middle East faster and more powerful than the armies of ISIS can ever attempt to go. He is moving. He is working. And He is asking Christians in the West to join Him.

Help fight ISIS with the best weapon on earth: the Word of our God.

Bibles for the Middle East


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