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Brad and Rhonda Smith:

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Cass and Priscilla Traub:

Cass and Priscilla Traub:

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Childrey Baptist Church:

Chris and Kealani Schmitt:

Chris Neria:

Christ Fellowship Church: Church59286

Christian Faith Fellowship Family Church:

Chuck and Bonnie Parrett:

Clearfield Tabernacle First Church of God: of God42004

Continental Painting, Inc.:

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Craig Dyer:

Craig Dyer:

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Crossroads Church:

Crosswhite Fitness:

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Dale Carlson:

Dale Carlson:

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David Duma:

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David Paul:

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Dr. Chris Stephens and Faith Promise Church: Promise Church50397

Dr. Kok-Tow Ng:

Dustin Evans:

Edgewood Baptist Church:

Elreacy Dock:

Emily Giddings:

Erika Hromadka:

Erwin and Reysel San Pedro: Pedro41963

Faith Church:

Faith Promise Church:

Feed My Starving Children:

Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church:

Frank Fernandes:

Fred and Sally Ananias:

FTJ Foundation:

Gabe Turner and The Point: Point42012

Generation Church:

George and Liza Land:

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Greg Forest:

Harvest Baptist Church: Church58734

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Jami Valentine:

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Jebby and Mini Tommy:

Jimmy and Kim Basden:

Rev. Jimmy Carroll and Journey Church: Church50346

Joan Wagoner:

Jody and Mona Thomason:

Joe and Sara Mihaljevich:

John and Judy George:

John and Shona Halberstadt:

John Crowell:

Jonathan and Bethany Eaby:

Jonathan and Erin Snyder:

Jonathan and Kristen Chambers:

Jonathan Cahn and Hope of the World Inc.: of the World Inc.53350

Jorge Valdes:

Joyce Mays:

Joycelyn Smith:

Kathryn Harris:

Kathryn Inman:

Katie Kerr:

Keith Petersen:

Kevin and Jess Taylor:

Kile Family:

Kim Seabock:

Kristi Kromidas:

Kyle Turner:

Lance and Suzie Smith:

Larissa Nguyen:

Larry and Norma Youngkrantz:

Larry Lamberth and Harvest Baptist Church: Baptist Church54907

Lauren Gibson:

Laurin Ritchie:

Leo and LeAnn Struiksma:

Limited Excess Property Program: Program50804

Lloyd and Mary Troyer:

Louis and Gail Meagley:

Louis and Patricia Nelson:

Mark and Sherry Hansen:

Mark and Stefanie Stewart:

Mark Hansen:

Martha Jasper-Morrey:

Matthew Keller:

Matthew McMillan:

Matthew Vizzolini:

Maxym and Lilia Kushch:

Melanie Weaver:

Michael and Kathleen Adams:

Michael and Linda Rost:

Mike Kelly:

Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church:

Neil and Lynette Wallen:

Nicole Barrios:

Nikki Schultz and Penny Box App, LLC: Box App, LLC50413

North Ridge Baptist Church:

Pamela Baker:

Parkcrest Christian Church: Church49829

Pastor Daren Ritchey and Grace Bible Church: Bible Church50365

Kelvin Brown and Mount Olive Baptist Church: Olive Baptist Church50369

Pastor Robin Steele and PromiseLand San Marcos: San Marcos50371

Pastor Steve DeFrain and Morning Star Fellowship: Star Fellowship50367

Pastor Tim Miller and Cornerstone Alliance Church: Alliance Church50370

Pastor Tom Benzen and Little Children of Jesus Christ Church: Children of Jesus Christ Church50394

Patrick and Linda Dempsey:

Paul and Billie Szumiak:

Paul and Billie Szumiak:

Paul and Jane Bopp:

Paul and Rae Caldarone:

Progressive Casualty Insurance:

Rachel Hill:

Rae Ann and Maggie McDonald:

Rev. Brian Bloye and West Ridge Church: Ridge Church50363

Rev. David Ford and Applegate Wesleyan Church: Wesleyan Church50402

Rex and Susan Gregory:

Rita King:

Robert and Beverly Wiedenman:

Robert and Carole Hamm:

Robert and Lucy Riggs:

Robert and Margo Kemp:

Roger and Kathy Stewart:

Ron and Beth Leader:

Rondell Smith:

Roy and Helen Moore:

Roy and Shirley Jo Wuthier:

Ryan and Heather Smith:

Samuel and Angelisa Box:

Sarah Holcomb:

Shaun Pierre:

Skip and Diane Taylor:

Stacy Baumann-Tran:

Steve and Darlene Groome:

Steve and Sue Fulton:

Steven Penn:

Stratford Heights Church of God: of God41993

Sunbury Bible Church:

Susan Arnoult:

Tammy Dreiske:

The Point:

Thomas and Elizabeth Roberts:

Thomas Tobin and American Endowment Foundation: Endowment Foundation50410

Tim and Diana Krell:

Tim Erickson:

Timothy and Beverly Grimm:

Tobin Davis:

Todd and Melinda LePage:

Tom and Betty Crosswhite:

Tom Spencer:

United Laundry Services:

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Virgil James:

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