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100 Golf Holes for Chapeton

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

In 2015, Amy and I held a dinner to raise funds for five clean-water wells: three in Nepal, one in Guatemala, and one in Uganda. With the help of generous supporters, all five wells were completed and fresh, clean drinking water is flowing in five villages.

The well in La Quebrada, El Rancho, Guatemala, was finished in 2016.

As part of World Help’s Village Transformation program, we are planning to repair the well in Chapeton, La Union, Guatemala; the cost of repairs to a tank & piping to the village is $20,000.  Any excess funds will be given to some much needed school repairs in this village. 

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, I will play 100 golf holes in one day at White Hawk Country Club in Crown Point, Indiana. I’m asking you to help me raise funds for this water project. To sponsor me, simply select a dollar amount per golf hole. For example, if you pledge $2 per hole and I play 100 golf holes, your donation will be $200.

Click the button below to fill out the pledge form. Each dollar pledged applies to each hole ($1 x 100 = $100, $3 x 100 = $300, etc)

for further information or questions

A few facts before I tee off. I will:

  • Play “extreme” READY golf, traditional course etiquette still applies.
  • Allow seven minutes on average to complete each hole.
  • Play a maximum of eight strokes per hole.
  • Take ball penalties, by dropping a golf ball near where I’d expected it to be.
  • Take no more than three putts per green.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Paul Wellman

(219) 512-4955

La Quebrada, El Rancho, Guatemala Well built in 2016

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