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From the field | A new life for Da

  • September 19, 2017
Noel Brewer Yeatts

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This week, I’m back in Thailand, and my heart is so full. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with the girls at the Bangkok Freedom Center and hear how your gifts have completely changed their lives.

As I watch the girls laughing, playing games, and cooking meals together, I can’t help but reflect on how strikingly different this scene is from the one outside on the streets.

Young women line the roads, dancing or calling out to customers — sacrificing their bodies, their health, and their dignity because they think it’s the only way they can survive.

But inside the safe home, these girls know the truth: that God loves them and has a better plan for their lives. And because of your support, they have the freedom to pursue that better life.

My eyes fall on Da, smiling and cuddling one of the home’s two pet cats. Looking at her now, you’d never guess the tremendous heartbreak this young woman has experienced.

When Da was just 11 years old, she was sold as a slave. It was the first of five times that she would be traded for money, treated as little more than an object.

The elderly couple who bought her soon discovered her small, 11-year-old body couldn’t handle the heavy lifting they required, so they sold her. Without an education, Da ended up working in the bars. She was told it was the only thing she was good for.

But today, Da is proving wrong everyone who thought she would amount to nothing. She’s studying to become an engineer!

And even more importantly, she is studying the Word of God.

Da loves Friday nights because she and the other girls in the home gather to sing praises to God and delve into Scripture together. These girls are her sisters — the loving family she never had.

When I look at girls like Da, rescued from Thailand’s red-light district, I can’t say thank you enough to the generous supporters who have given them a second chance.

But many girls still on the streets of Bangkok and other places around the world — like the Banchara community of India — are waiting for a rescuer to help them escape a life in the sex industry.

You can be one girl’s rescuer today. All it takes is $50 to help her regain her freedom.

Long after I leave Thailand, I’m going to remember the big smile on Da’s face as she played with her friends and her cat. This is the life God intended for her … not a life on the streets.

Will you help give another girl this life today?

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