Following God Where He Leads

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Following God Where He Leads

This month, I’m turning 67. And more than ever, I want to make an eternal difference with the remaining years of my life.

When diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38, I thought my life was literally over—especially my ministry. When God healed me, I realized that my most important work was not before cancer, but after. I realized God was not finished with me yet.

Now, I see every single day as an opportunity for us to reach out a hand to a world clinging to the hope that someone will see their suffering and act with the very compassion of Jesus.

Vernon Brewer in Uganda - World Help

Over the past several months, even after decades of humanitarian ministry, God challenged me to dream bigger than ever before for the future of World Help. Together, with the help of my team and a lot of prayer and careful planning, we created a five-year strategy for what we believe God is leading us to accomplish.

This year on my birthday, I invite you to join me by impacting the life of someone in need through World Help’s Blueprint —our opportunity . . . our chance . . . our invitation to change the world.

Our five-year goal outlined in the blueprint is straightforward: To double in size and impact over the next five years by improving every facet of our ministry. Now that’s a God-sized task!

Honduras Impact - World Help

We have identified the most urgent projects to accomplish each year as a part of our overall plan to expand our ministry and impact. The first of these projects are included in this year’s strategic growth initiative, Impact 2014. It highlights a number of crucial initiatives that have the potential to impact 3 million people around the world in 2014 alone.

Every single dollar you give translates into a life touched by help and transformed by hope.

• A gift of $1,000 will impact 1,000 people.
• A gift of $500 will impact 500 people.
• A gift of $50 will impact 50 people.
• An ongoing gift that will continuously impact lives.

In addition to regular funding goals, we will need an extra $3 million to make Impact 2014 a reality.

For me, my birthday is a reminder to use each moment to share hope—the faith and confident assurance in what God has planned for us both now and in the future. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my next five years than by reaching out to people who are on the brink of losing all hope.

Vernon Brewer in Jordan - World Help

Time is running out for millions of impoverished people around the world.

As we speak:

  • A refugee family in Syria is running for their lives.
  • Children in sub-Saharan Africa are watching their parents die of AIDS.
  • Thousands of persecuted believers are suffering in North Korea’s merciless prison systems.
  • A young girl in Thailand is seconds away from being sold into the sex industry.
  • A church planter in China is risking his life to smuggle Bibles to believers in the underground church.
  • A young mother in Ethiopia is in labor, but miles away from professional medical help.
  • A baby in Guatemala is dying from malnutrition because of dirty water.

Many of these people don’t even have one day to spare . . . we must respond immediately with immeasurable, endless generosity and relentless prayer.

Funding is immediately needed if we are to reach our 2014 goal of impacting 3 million people and accomplishing the first phase of our five-year strategy.

I don’t want a day to pass by where I don’t attempt to do at least one thing that will outlive me and last for eternity.

Please partner with me today to make this vision—this prayer—a reality in the lives of millions all over the world.

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