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‘WHY: Answers to Weather the Storms of Life’ by Vernon Brewer, Founder & President of World Help

WHY? by Vernon BrewerLIFE IS TOUGH … IT’S A REAL STRUGGLE! Let’s face it—the reality of life is that you are either entering a storm, going through a storm, or coming out of a storm. Some storms are worst than others … but they are all inevitable.

Vernon’s storm was cancer. What’s yours?

His struggle with cancer was extremely difficult, but he can truly say that the most painful period of his life is now the most meaningful. He learned some specific principles of God’s Word that comfort, empower and open the heart to a better life.

By reading WHY?, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand why God allows suffering in a believer’s life
  • Gain valuable lessons on how to weather life’s unexpected storms
  • Reference specific principles of God’s word that can comfort
  • View your suffering as a gift and feel greater compassion, live more purposefully and discover God’s calling for your life

David Jeremiah“Vernon Brewer understands why God allows suffering in a believer s life. He did not learn about it in a seminary classroom or by reading a book. He learned suffering in the hospital room and his teacher was cancer.”

–Dr. David Jeremiah, Sr. Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, San Diego, California

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