Children’s Storybook Bibles


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Children’s Storybook Bibles

Refugee children have been forced to flee their homes and now struggle to survive in an uncertain world. The gift of an illustrated storybook Bible will plant the seeds of the Gospel in the heart of a refugee child, giving him a true source of hope and security.

The faces of boys and girls light up when they receive these colorful Bibles made just for them. They eagerly flip through the pages depicting the life of Jesus and can’t wait to take their new prized possession home to share with their friends, siblings, and parents.

And once parents see their children readily receive the hope of the Gospel, they are more likely to be receptive to God’s Word, as well.

Jesus Himself loved kids. He believed they were never too young to start learning the Truth of God’s love. A storybook Bible is the perfect way to lead children to Him.

How your gift will be used

We promise to use your gift to make the greatest impact possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your donation will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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