Gift Card: Email – $50


Empower others to make a difference with a simple gift in their honor


Gift Card: Email – $50

When you give a World Help gift card, you provide your family and friends with the opportunity to choose how they will transform lives. It’s a perfect gift for teaching children and grandchildren the power of helping others.

You choose the gift amount, and your recipient will decide whether to give livestock, Bibles, clean water, freedom, or another life-sustaining gift.

Giving a gift card as a present is also one of the easiest ways to check someone off your Christmas list. You can send either an e-card or a physical gift card — whatever your friends and family prefer.

After your recipient chooses how they will transform a life, they can redeem the gift card online or by calling World Help at 800-541-6691.

Like the other gifts in the catalog, your purchase of a gift card is considered a charitable donation, so it’s tax-deductible if you choose to itemize your deductions. However, gift cards may not be redeemed to purchase merchandise items. To learn more about World Help gift cards, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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