Mosquito Nets


Protection from mosquito-transmitted disease


Mosquito Nets

Sleep should be a restful, safe time … especially for a child. But for kids in tropical climates, sleeping is incredibly dangerous. That’s because when a child is sleeping, he is most vulnerable to mosquitoes.

In many countries, mosquitoes are a real threat. They can carry life-threatening diseases like malaria and yellow fever. But when the weather is hot, poor families have no choice but to sleep with the windows open since they have no air conditioning. This makes the children an easy target for the disease-carrying insects.

That’s why a mosquito net is a lifesaving gift for children living in poverty. It enables one boy or girl to sleep without fear. It keeps the bugs away along with the irritating itching and devastating illnesses they can cause. Plus, healthy, well-rested kids are able to do well in school and look forward to a bright future.

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