Rescue A Malnourished Child


Initial medical treatment and nutritional needs


Rescue A Malnourished Child

Malnutrition is more than just “being hungry.” A malnourished child can suffer organ failure, stunted growth, delayed mental development … and even death. But you can rescue one starving child by providing the nutrients and medical treatment he needs to recover. You can help end his suffering and put him on the path to a happy, healthy life.

Beatriz and her mother know how valuable the gift of rescue is. Beatriz was just 4 pounds when she arrived at the Rescue Center — much too small for a 7-month-old baby.

Her mother couldn’t produce milk, and the poor Guatemalan family couldn’t afford formula. As a result, Beatriz was suffering from severe malnutrition. Her parents worried she would never grow up to be a little girl — let alone a woman.

But because someone helped rescue Beatriz, she was able to receive the nutrition and care she needed. Now she is healthy and growing stronger every day. You can help provide that same lifesaving aid for another child today.

How your gift will be used

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