Sustainability through seeds



Seeds are probably one of the smallest gifts you can give, but they can make an enormous impact in the life of a family living in poverty.

Seeds help families flourish financially and physically. They enable parents to grow and sell fruits and vegetables from their garden, and provide healthy meals for their children.

This gift also can help children learn a valuable, life skill. When generous donors gave seeds to a children’s home in India, the kids enjoyed watching the vegetables flourish, and many of the children now garden as a hobby.

Gardening is a primary means of livelihood in Indian communities, so learning how to garden at a young age is especially beneficial. Buying vegetables from the market can be expensive, so knowing how to grow their own food will allow these kids to be more self-sufficient in the future.

How your gift will be used

We promise to use your gift to make the greatest impact possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your donation will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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