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Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Every child deserves to play.

In far Northeast India, 300 of the most precious children I know live at a home for children who have lost their parents or who’s parents cannot care for them. It’s the finest, most well-run home for orphaned and abandoned children I have ever seen. The children who live there are provided with food, clothing, a warm bed, and a education when otherwise they would not have any of these things. But most importantly, they are very loved and get to hear about the love of Jesus.

This home is in an area of India that is known for tribal fighting and unrest. Due to safety concerns, the children must stay on campus at all times. Can you imagine entertaining 300 children on a daily basis, within the confines of a small campus, with limited resources?

While I was visiting this past July, I noticed their new favorite thing to do is to play basketball. The had created a goal with trash cans attached to bamboo poles. They play on a field of grass and dirt and because they cannot dribble on that surface, they had adapted the game without dribbling. I was impressed with their creativity and determination to make it work.

As I watched them play each afternoon, I envisioned my own boys and their total obsession with all things sports and basketball. I knew at that moment we could do something better for these kids and they deserve better. I made it my mission to raise $7,000 to provide them with a cement basketball court with painted lines and two real basketball goals. This court will be used for so much more than basketball. It will serve as a place for the children to gather, play, eat and hold other events as it will be the only concrete surface on campus during the rainy season when the ground is muddy and wet.

Sports is such a wonderful way for kids to exercise, develop teamwork and a strong work ethic. Providing these kids with a real basketball court would make a difference in their lives they never thought possible. Together we can give these children a Christmas gift they will never forget.

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