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Bibles for South Sudanese refugees

Bibles for South Sudanese refugees

The Need | Refugees are desperate for the comfort of God’s Word

War-torn South Sudan has been struggling since 2013. Political fighting and violent tribal warfare has forced more than 2 million people to flee to surrounding countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. ** South Sudan is now facing one of the fastest growing refugee crises in the world.

Every day, refugees continue to filter into the refugee camps of Uganda. They’re scared, they’re tired, they’re homeless, and many feel hopeless. Because they left everything behind when they fled, many no longer have a Bible. Now, they are living in a Bible desert — a place where the Bible isn’t accessible and the Living Water is vacant.

Strategy | Bible distribution

Local pastors build relationships with refugees while they are distributing lifesaving supplies. This gives them an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel one-on-one when they meet with a refugee to provide aid. Being able to physically place a Bible into the hands of a refugee is vital to cultivate their faith. And you can be the one to give a refugee a Bible today.

How you can help:

Your gift of $10 will place a Bible into the hands of a South Sudanese refugee who has lost everything. And providing a Bible will give them eternal hope.

• $50 sends 5 Bibles and impacts 25 people

• $100 sends 10 Bibles and impacts 50 people

• $500 sends 50 Bibles and impacts 250 people

Families often share a Bible so one gift will benefit multiple people. Your contribution could change hundreds of lives. Please give as generously as you can to send the Living Water into this Bible desert!



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