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Provide Bibles for the most persecuted Christians on earth

Provide Bibles for the most persecuted Christians on earth

North Korea and Iran — these two nations are among the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian. Despite the risk, underground churches in these countries are growing, and believers are hungry for Bibles.

They need God’s Word to grow in their faith and to help them stand strong when persecution comes. But many believers in these countries have never seen a Bible, let alone owned one.

The need | Bibles for North Korean and Iranian Christians

North Korea
For 17 years, North Korea has been considered the world’s worst persecutor of Christians. If believers there are caught with a Bible, they can face up to 15 years in a political labor camp where they are tortured daily. Incredibly, North Korean Christians are still begging for more Bibles. They are desperate for the comfort of Scripture and believe it is worth any cost.

There are only about 20 “above ground” churches in Iran. Most believers are forced to meet covertly to avoid persecution from radical Islamic neighbors, family members, and authorities. But a recent revival has seen the number of these secret Christians grow from a few hundred to 800,000 over the past few decades! And these new believers need Bibles. They want to study God’s Word for themselves and share it with others so the revival can continue.

How you can help | Secretly distribute God’s Word

Our partners have underground networks in both North Korea and Iran, and they are ready to secretly distribute more Bibles to the people who need them most. But first they need YOU to provide the Bibles. They can’t keep up with the demand without your help.

You can be part of a God-sized goal to raise $200,000 to provide 20,000 Bibles to persecuted Christians in these countries. Since each Bible is typically shared with five family members or friends, that means you can be part of reaching 100,000 people with God’s Word!

Will you help place God’s Word in the hands of the world’s most persecuted Christians?

  • • For $10,000, you will provide 1,000 Bibles for persecuted believers.
  • • With a generous gift of $20,000, you will provide 2,000 Bibles for persecuted believers.
  • • And for an incredible $25,000, you will provide 2,500 Bibles for persecuted believers.

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