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Bibles for the Middle East

Bibles for the Middle East

The Need | Christian Holocaust in the Middle East

As Christians flee from conflict in the Middle East, communities of believers have been scattered. Bibles have been confiscated and burned. Churches have been destroyed. The Middle East has become a Bible desert … a place where Bibles are scarce and people are desperate for the Living Water found in God’s Word.

There is an urgent need for discreet and strategic methods for Bible distribution to support and sustain this remnant of believers during these desperately uncertain times.

Strategy | Digital Bible distribution

World Help’s network of church planters is strategically positioned in key areas across the Middle East — in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey — to distribute formatted USBs containing the following materials:

• Full translations of the Bible in Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and Greek

• Bible study software

• Approximately 60 reference books and commentaries

• The Jesus film and other visual presentations of Biblical narratives

• Full audio version of the New Testament

• Over 1,000 files of artwork, maps, and visual aids

•A clear presentation of the Gospel

How you can help

Just $20 provides one USB, which is then redistributed through church planters and secret networks of believers, and estimated to reach as many as 50 more people. The potential of impact in this Bible Desert is enormous. 

• $60 impacts 150 people with the Gospel

• $200 impacts 500 people with the Gospel

• $600 impacts 1,500 people with the Gospel

• $1,000 impacts 2,500 people with the Gospel 

This is not the time to stand back. This is the time to respond, to act, and to proclaim the hope of Christ with boldness. Please send as many Bibles as you can to give Christians in the Middle East access to God’s Word during one of their darkest hours.

The future of Middle Eastern churches depends on it.

Designation Policy: World Help is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your gift qualifies as a tax-deductible charity contribution for federal income tax purposes. World Help is fully accountable for all donated funds and will honor your gift designation preferences when specified. However, if a project is discontinued or overfunded, your gift will be designated for a similar program where it will make the greatest impact. You can access World Help’s full financial reports at You may also request a hard copy as well as descriptions of this and other programs by calling 800-541-6691.

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