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Irene’s Home of Hope

Irene’s Home of Hope

The Central African Republic (C.A.R.) has collapsed into a period of complete social mayhem. Months of political instability and terrorist rule have sent tens of thousands fleeing for their lives.

With little governmental organization, public facilities across the country are sparsely staffed. Schools and medical clinics have simply stopped operating. More than 650,000 children no longer attend school, and those with urgent medical needs are doing anything they can just to survive. Water and food shortages have become the routine of everyday life.

The conflict has caused an influx in expenses associated with the day-to-day operations of World Help’s children’s home in the capital Bangui, Irene’s Home of Hope. Prices of food, water, tuition, and appropriate safety measures have increased dramatically.

Your gift of any amount will go directly to protect and support the children at Irene’s Home of Hope. Funds are urgently needed to begin construction on the compound’s perimeter wall as well as the agricultural cultivation of the home’s five-acre property. World Help ensures the best possible care to every child in our sponsorship program.

In a nation aching and vulnerable, your involvement will be felt deeply by the children at Irene’s Home of Hope. Thank you for helping us respond to this heartbreaking need.

Designation Policy: World Help is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your gift qualifies as a tax-deductible charity contribution for federal income tax purposes. World Help is fully accountable for all donated funds and will honor your gift designation preferences when specified. However, if a project is discontinued or overfunded, your gift will be designated for a similar program where it will make the greatest impact. You can access World Help’s full financial reports at You may also request a hard copy as well as descriptions of this and other programs by calling 800-541-6691.

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