Middle East Refugees on the Move

$50 provides 10 refugees with critical aid and an Arabic New Testaments
$100 provides 20 refugees with critical aid and Arabic New Testaments
$1,000 provides 200 refugees with critical aid and Arabic New Testaments

For just $5, you can give a refugee on the Greek-Macedonian border an aid kit filled with these life-saving supplies:

  • Clean, disease-free drinking water
  • Food
  • Clothing and blankets
  • Hygiene items and medicine
  • Diapers and baby formula
  • Rain gear
  • Arabic New Testament

These refugee families often arrive with only the clothes on their backs—exhausted, hungry, and anxious after weeks of running from ISIS. Desperate for a better life, they’ve made the perilous journey into Europe. Imagine the physical and spiritual encouragement you can provide for such a small cost.

Your gift will provide one refugee with the supplies they need to keep going!

How You can Help

We're a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.