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Bibles for Nigeria

Bibles for Nigeria

The need | Refugees long for God’s Word

Since the arrival of a radical Islamic group — Boko Haram — Nigeria has been plagued with violence, fear, and death. Soldiers from the Islamic State would pillage communities, kidnapping children, raping women, and killing anyone who stood in their way.

Now living in refugee camps, Nigerians are struggling to get by. They have no access to a Bible. So much hope has dried up in these camps. We refer to these places where the Word of God isn’t accessible: Bible deserts. But supplying the Living Water of the Gospel can refresh those who have lost everything.

Strategy | Bible distribution

Christians, many who were persecuted by Boko Haram, fled their homes and weren’t able to bring one essential — a Bible. And for many, they haven’t had access to a copy in years. While living in refugee camps, many Muslims have rejected Islam and have become Christians. Now, more than ever, we need to flood these refugee camps with the Word of God.

For so many who have witnessed such horrible atrocities, a Bible is the only thing that can comfort them and give them hope. Our partners who minister to the refugees in these camps have the opportunity to give them physical aid, be a witness, and give them a copy of the Scriptures.

How you can help:

Your gift of $10 will print a Bible and deliver it into the hands of a refugee who’s thirsty for the God’s Word. You’re not just sending a book, you’re sending the Truth that can change a person’s life forever!

Since families will oftentimes share a Bible, one copy will reach multiple people!

  • $30 sends 3 Bibles
  • $50 sends 5 Bibles
  • $100 sends 10 Bibles

One gift could change hundreds of lives! So please give as generously as you can!


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