Reach an unreached people group in India with a Bible

Reach an unreached people group in India with a Bible


The need | The Banchara people have not heard the Gospel

“Untouchables.” That’s what the Banchara people are called by most of their countrymen. According to the Hindu caste system, the Banchara are considered to be the lowest members of society. This group has been enslaved by oppression and spiritual darkness for centuries.

Most of the Banchara have never even seen a Bible or heard its message of love. They live in a bible desert, completely void of hope and void of freedom. And without access to God’s Word, they will never learn about the eternal love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

With a Bible, this unreached people group will finally hear that they are seen and loved by the God who created them.

Strategy | Bible distribution

After years of working among the Banchara, our partners have built strong relationships that have paved the way for the Gospel. They have the unique opportunity to share about Jesus, but they are in desperate need of Bibles.

How you can help

Your gift of $5 can transform a life by providing a Bible to a person who has never heard of Jesus. The truth found in those pages will show one person they are special to God and that freedom in Christ is possible.

One copy of the Good News can provide lasting hope and encouragement to a community that has been lost in darkness for centuries. And since many families often share a Bible, your impact multiplies. One Bible has the potential to reach 5 people with the Gospel.

• A gift of $25 will impact 25 people with the hope of the Gospel

• A gift of $50 will impact 50 people with the hope of the Gospel

• A gift of $75 will impact 75 people with the hope of the Gospel

You hold the power to make an eternal difference. Will you help spread the Gospel today?

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