Rescue Art Print

Rescue Art Uganda Framed

Framed print of handcrafted art by children in Uganda



This print represents a handmade canvas illustrated by children from our Child Sponsorship Program in Uganda.

The proceeds of this print directly benefit the construction and finishing of three Rescue Homes in Uganda, an initiative of Operation Baby Rescue.

These facilities are designed to care for abandoned and malnourished children, providing them with a loving home and the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty forever.

Giving Options

• Any gift amount: Digital print proof will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your gift.• A gift of $25+: Original 8 x 10 print*. Frame not included.• A gift of $50+: Original 16 x 20 print*. Frame not included.• A gift of $150+: Original 16 x 20 print matted and set in a 20 x 24 frame*.

*Free ground shipping on artwork in the US & Canada

For tax purposes, the deductible contributions made to the Rescue Homes is equal to the total gift amount, less the fair market value of the Rescue Art Print 8×10 – $5, 16×20 – $10, framed 16×20 – $50.

How You can Help

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