This summer, you can influence the life of a child in India through Vacation Bible School (VBS) for just $5.

During this three-day VBS program, your gift will provide a child with Bible workbooks, nutritious food, and the love and support of Christian workers. Many will hear the Gospel for the first time!

By sending a child to VBS, you make an eternal investment that has the power to impact generations in India. One child — empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ — can make a lasting impression on his family and friends.

Right now, children in low-caste communities in India are facing mounting persecution against Christianity. They are surrounded by spiritual darkness.

But for just $5, you can send one child in a low-caste community in India to VBS this summer where he’ll be introduced to the Light of the world.

How You can Help

We're a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.